Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fifteenth Anniversary

For your next anniversary, I recommend spending it with the children.

Think I'm joking? Not a chance. First of all, there's the ideal perspective: what better celebration of a marriage than to include the family that has grown in and from this marriage?

But it was also just more fun.

Instead of going out this year, I decided to buy some ribeye steaks (Regina's favorite) and grill them for a supper that she and I would eat later, after the children, and after the youngest were in bed. So, OK, I guess we didn't spend all of our anniversary with all of them.

But they were integral to the whole thing coming off without a hitch. Julianna, with her usual culinary skill, helped prepare the rest of the meal, including roasted potatoes and home-grown brussel sprouts. She and Kimberley set a very nice table for our private dining in the dining room, including china, candles, and a Christmas pyramid.

The best part, however, was being surprised by the three of them with an "Italian Delight" cake (ask Regina for detailed ingredients)--a three layer cake with a rich, wicked icing. They had secretly made this with our next-door neighbor a few days prior. This scheme was the brainchild of this neighbor, an adopted grandmother of sorts, who covered it by saying the girls were having a cooking lesson making little sandwich appetizers. She simply prepared the appetizers beforehand so the girls had something to come home with, but they really spent their time preparing the cake!

So all five of us enjoyed dessert together, and we reminisced about some of the special and unique times we had spent as a family. Most of our discussion had to do with places we'd traveled and visited. It all reminded us of the love that we share together as a family together, working, learning, and enjoying.

Kimberley also quilled an anniversary card for us. I was so impressed (which is difficult), that I thought the other next-door neighbor, who had taught her quilling, had done it.

For more photos, check out the facebook album.

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